To sustain the ability of every single understudy is the sole point of the SVVMP School institutes. Upheld up by a top to bottom pool of information on their particular subject field, the institutes give our understudies world-class presentation and raise them into pioneers in their picked social status.

SVVMP School, Alahar guarantees that no kid is abandoned in learning scholastic and fundamental abilities. To accomplish this objective, we give the learning condition to the kids with the emphasis on their mainstrem subjects. Understudies adapt best when they effectively take an interest in the exercise or that they feel esteemed when instructors urge them to shate their insight with their friends.

Our School intends to be an establishment of greatness, devoted to delivering pioneers of things to come. We plan to move the kids to address, test and find their general surroundings and understand their legitimate spot in the public arena. To give and condition helpful for the improvement of dynamic thinking.To set new subjective models in training by utilizing creative methodologies, SVVMP School will give understudies a situation that difficulties them into finding their ability and aptitudes. We will motivate the delight of learning by encouraging a culture of imagination. Our understudies will be moral, aware, upbeat and intentional residents of our general public.

The Learning Curriculum

SVVMP School pursues the most dynamic Indian scholastic structure as plot by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Delhi. The points of interest are bounty, the chief being the way that significant all-India focused test are mapped to CBSE schedule. The school offers affirmation for classes Nursery to review VII and will be overhauled logically till class XII.

Teaching Methodology

Our encouraging strategies are intended to satisfy these future needs. Our educators will utilize an assortment of showing systems in the homeroom and would be prepared to tune in to the voice of the student and draw out the best in every youngster. They will likewise effectively connect with them in collaborations. This will be accomplished through gathering work and entire class guidance, which can be dynamic in the event that it includes open talk and students reacting and exhibiting as opposed to the educator continually addressing. This procedure creates free students as they begin to demonstrate themselves along the educator’s methodology. Our instructors will challenge the students’ reasoning and bolster them to learn lastly achieve errands autonomously. Our training techniques will encourage understudies to become free and communitarian basic scholars.



SVVMP School is intended to be a perfect prepping ground for future residents. The ergonomically planned framework upgrades the instructing and learning condition. The study halls are IT empowered and outfitted with various media helps like shrewd sheets and projectors that make learning intelligent and charming. The school has vaporous environment with hundred percent control reinforcement and RO filtration plant for drinking water, Science Lab, Computer Lab and Language Lab. Kindergarten, Primary and Middle segments have their very own individual learning and movement zones with the age and educational plan proper assets required.

Smart Class Room

An advanced homeroom change the manner in which educators instruct and understudies learn in schools with imaginative and important utilization of innovation. Understudies learn troublesome and theoretical educational plan ideas observing exceptionally captivating visuals and movements. This makes learning a charming encounter for understudies while improving their general scholarly exhibition in school. What’s more, educators likewise increase total consideration and enthusiasm of each youngster in the class. Each youngster gets a visual contribution on how it occurs and the ideas are surely known. This outcomes in quicker and precise comprehension of the ideas in class and improves the general scholarly presentation of understudies. Instructors can keep understudies occupied with the learning procedure and furthermore get and moment and exact appraisal of learning results accomplished toward the finish of the class.

Beyond Academics

Music | Dance | Theater It is a solid component of the school’s way of thinking to give a full scope of extra chances.

We have a long and esteemed convention of giving a huge scope of extracurricular exercises, especially in move, show, music and so forth. Understudies approach a wide scope of melodic types of gear and the specialists the nation over. We likewise offer a wide decision of private excursions, in India. Our out of hours learning program is very broad, and caters for all premiums. Vital to the school-based exercises is our remarkable library arrangement, where understudies can get to assets.

Security Service

  • The whole school campus is under CCTV surveillance.
  • There is 24 hrs power backup.
  • RO Water Supply.
  • Neat Clean Washrooms.
  • Every bus has an experienced driver, rst aid box, a lady escort, CCTV cameras, Speed Governor and GPS for easy tracking / communication with parents and the school administration.


The school gives transport to each one of the individuals who wish to benefit of it. Our armada of transports ply in each zone of the city including its edges, making it advantageous for any family to send their wards to our premises without taking any issues upon themselves. All wellbeing guidelines are kept up ready. Each transport has an experienced driver, emergency treatment box, a lady escort, CCTV cameras, Speed Governor and GPS for simple following/correspondence with guardians and the school organization.


Getting the hang of something else can be a strenuous mental exercise. Understudies need an outlet to loosen up and unwind. The understudies are urged to rehearse generally acclaimed contemplation and yoga that aides in refinement of a people’s disposition. Phenomenal games offices and foundation at SVVMP School likewise offers plentiful degree, opportunity and inspiration for understudies to prepare in any games order of their decision be it Cricket, Karate, Volley Ball, Kho-Kho, Hockey, Basket Ball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Chess, Table Tennis, Track and Field occasions, Yoga and Meditation and so forth. Offices are set up for understudies to learn Aerobics, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Roller skating and so on under the direction of prepared and capable mentors. The understudies are set up for partaking in the rivalries at State, National and International levels.


Music | Dance | Theater It is a solid element of the school’s way of thinking to give a full scope of extra chances.We have a long and esteemed convention of giving a huge scope of extracurricular exercises, especially in move, show, music and so on. Understudies approach a wide scope of melodic types of gear and the craftsmen the nation over. We additionally offer a wide decision of private outings, in India. Our out of hours learning program is amazingly broad, and provides food for all premiums. Key to the school-based exercises is our extraordinary library arrangement, where understudies can get to assets.


School Kid Crafts and Activities. These early basic specialties are planned particularly for kids age 6 to 9, yet a large number of these ventures are a good time for all ages. Small kids love making and numerous ventures can be utilized to show study hall exercises.


H e school sorts out all conceivable instructive visits and field trips requested in their schedule as we accept that students learn by their very own understanding and experience can be increased distinctly by being a piece of it.We arrange picnics and instructive visits to make the learning an actual existence time understanding .This likewise help the understudies to investigate the differentiated social legacy of our nation which in the long run can be advantageous in their observation to be more extensive and more extensive in the forthcoming long stretches of their life.


Co-curricular exercises are “the Third Dimension of Education”. They create aptitudes and are gainfully situated. Understudies are required to take part in various exercises every year for which they are evaluated. While scholastics give information on different subjects, bent, mentality and uprightness are a portion of the ideals that understudies procure through between house rivalries. The understudies are separate in to houses and during their tutoring years, the characteristics of genuineness, trust, authority, co-activity, solidarity chance taking, resistance and so on and social qualities are soaked up through entomb house exercises. The educators assume the job of an arbitrator and the understudies lead the exercises without anyone else.The exercises accessible in the clubs incorporate (however not restricted to), Music (vocal and Instrumental), Dance, Drama/Theater, Public Speaking, Debate, Declamation, Calligraphy, Origami, Phulkari/Stitch make, Art and Craft, Clay Modeling, Poem Recitation, Quiz, play, experimental writing, rhetoric and emergency treatment preparing. It is guaranteed that each understudy must participate in greatest exercises according to his/her ability and intrigue. More exercises will be included with the time and according to the prerequisite of the understudies.


The school sustains the abilities of every understudy and set them up to be pioneers in their picked order. In any case, they likewise need a stage to exhibit their abilities to the world, This is the thing that enlivened us to frame the Clubs.

Club exercises help the understudies to learn and rehearse aptitudes that will assist them with expressing themselves with their independence. To support the ability of every understudy the school has made broad game plans that empower the understudy to learn different aptitudes. The school gives a rich assortment of exercises through various Club like Art and Craft club, Music club. Figure club and Pottery club, Dance club, Karate club and Yoga club for important commitment of understudies relying on their needs and interests.


SVVMP School has four “Houses. Each House has a House Leader and Student Leaders. Our school is a network of students and the House framework means to mirror our basic beliefs.”The basic beliefs are clarified as self-improvement, scholarly strengthening and deep rooted learning inside the decent variety and quality of our one network. The four ‘foundations’ of SVVMP School are discipline, convention, regard and quality co-training. Together, these viewpoints make up the basic beliefs, theory, philosophy of the school and they ‘provide us our reasonable guidance and pathway’.

The House framework expects to give understudies a personality and feeling of pride in a strong and secure condition. The House accommodate positive challenge and a closer affinity among understudies and educators. They likewise plan to support new staff and understudies adjust to the way of life of SVVMP School.

The Houses contend in various donning, scholarly and social exercises for focuses. The classes for each House have an Academic Effort/Participation week by week record that additionally gains House focuses, Each session the triumphant House gets the House shield and different prizes.

The House framework is a necessary and energetic piece of the school’s way of life. The House framework is intended to reflect and upgrade the estimations of our school as they are portrayed in the contract.